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Project Management

Course Details

  • Duration: Options from 7.5 days - 6 months
  • Level: Recommended two years experience in a project environment
  • Languages: English
  • Prices from: £690+VAT

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About the course

The PMQ is a highly respected and sought after qualification.

Many employers are now looking for their existing project managers and new recruits to have obtained the PMQ as proof of their knowledge of project management at a professional level.

Major public and private sector clients are insisting that their key contractors and consultants have staff who hold the PMQ in order to demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge and professionalism to be able to successfully run their projects to the increasingly tough cost, time and quality objectives that the market demands.

Project managers can no longer rely entirely upon demonstration their experience alone without having achieved a relevant professional level qualification to back it up.

The course also provides the delegates with a golden opportunity to network with fellow practitioners and to be exposed to new ideas, processes and techniques that they will find useful on their own projects.

No matter how much experience people have, no one knows everything.

We can all benefit from the time provided on this course to reflect upon current practice and what we could do to improve things in the future.

Whilst the APM do not set any minimum, we recommend that delegates have at least two years experience in a project environment (not necessarily as the project manager) prior to attempting this course.

Tutor support, course notes and access to Ladymead's online learning resources

The delegates have online access to the course tutor during their pre-course preparation and home study periods with any questions they may have.

Ladymead's course notes are fully comprehensive and comprises of a course text book, workshop notes, case studies, mock exam questions and answers, online e-learning videos and other supporting material and references.

Interactive Teaching Style

We adopt a highly and interactive teaching style which is designed to engage the delegates in practical exercises and discussions.

The delegates are encouraged to relate the syllabus topics directly to their own workplace rather than to treat them as a academic subjects.

Our twin objectives are to add genuine value by assisting the delegates in improving their own performance at work as well as gaining a respected qualification.

Course Options

Workshop and exam attendance : 7½ days

Price per delegate including the APM exam and invigilation fees.

  • Virtual classroom - £1,590 ex. VAT.
  • Face to Face classroom - Not currently available due to the Covid crisis.
  • Corporate in-house - Please enquire


This is our flagship course.

It offers the best combination of practical interactive training workshops and home study and achieves excellent exam results.

The delegates attend three modules interspersed with periods of home study.

Modules 1 and 2 comprises of 2 x 3-days of practical and interactive workshops and concludes with a mock exam.

Delegates are taken through each topic with key points explored in interactive exercises and discussions.

They also complete practice exam questions each day which our tutor reviews and provides useful feedback to the delegates.

We recognise that many delegates may not have sat a formal exam for some time and may understandably feel somewhat apprehensive.

We therefore run a mock exam an open book basis (i.e. delegates can refer to their notes) on the last day of Module 2.

By the time they take the formal exam, they will be exam veterans as the last time they sat an exam will have only been a week or so ago.

We approach the daily practice questions, mock exam and related exercises in a supportive and low-pressure manner.

This will help them to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and enable them to focus on what they need to do to pass the formal exam.

The home study periods between modules provides an important break for the delegates to reflect upon the course material and to properly prepare for the exam at their own pace.

Module 3 comprises of a one-day final exam preparation workshop to assist the delegates in fine tuning of their knowledge and exam techniques.

It concludes with individual or groups sessions with the tutor and personal revision time.

The formal PMQ exam is taken on the next working day.

The high quality and interactive style of our training together with the advantage of the mock exam and exam preparation workshops, offers a highly practical and best route to achieving the PMQ.

Delegates are encouraged to book early to enable them to prepare by reading at least some of the course material prior to attending the course.

Workshop and exam attendance: 4½ days
  • Virtual classroom - £1,290 ex. VAT.
  • Face to Face classroom - Not currently available due to the Covid crisis.
  • Corporate in-house - Please enquire.


This route provides a means for delegates to complete the course with a reduced attendance in workshops by increasing their time in self studying.

The course is spread over a practical 8-week period.

Essentially this route replicates everything in Route 1 with the exception of attendance on Module 2.

It is ideal for those who are comfortable with the notion of self-study and perhaps have less opportunity to take time of work and are seeking a more economical training solution.

However please do not underestimate the need to replace the absence of attendance on the 3-day Module 2 with probably the equivalent of 5 days of self-study.

With the right approach and commitment, it offers a workable combination of practical interactive training workshops and home study delivered in a reasonable timescale that fits in with other work, family and social commitments.

Workshop and exam attendance : 1½ days

Price per delegate including the APM exam and invigilation fees.

  • Full Distance/e-Learning Course - £990 ex. VAT.
  • Notes and Exam Only - £690 ex VAT.
  • Corporate in-house - Please enquire.


This course provides a cost-effective way of achieving the qualification with a minimum of time away from work.

Distance learning is a highly successful, tried and tested training method.

Many people have found it to be an effective and economical way of achieving the qualification.

However, it is best suited to those who can be focussed and are highly self-motivated to study primarily on their own.

It is also requires delegates to find the time and space from work family and other commitments to be able to concentrate on the course which is often not easy to achieve.

The Distance/e-learning course is conducted entirely online supported by an extensive range of e-learning resources and comprehensive course notes.

Delegates study at their own pace and typically complete the course over 2 to 6 months.

Tutor support entails the reviewing and provision of feedback on delegates practice exam questions and the mock exam, general guidance and advice and addressing specific questions raised by the delegates.

For those with an appropriate level of confidence and experience we also offer a basic no frills self-study route which comprises of the course notes and the formal PMQ exam only, without the detailed tutor support and exam preparation workshop.

We specialise in developing bespoke in-house programmes.

The course format, teaching style and duration will be developed to meet the customers requirements, including any additional topics, special emphasis and reference to corporate objectives, culture, policies and procedures.

Please enquire and we will work with you to develop a detailed costed proposal that focusses directly upon your specific requirements.

For those who do not pass the PMQ exam at their first attempt we will devise an individual re-sit programme. The amount of further study and workshop attendance required will depend upon the elapsed time and the marks they obtained on original exam and the delegates individual circumstances. Price-on-application.

Topics Covered

Project management Resource Management
Programme management Budget and Costs
Portfolio management Earned Value
Project life cycles Risk Management
Organisation Roles Methods and Procedures
Project sponsorship Procurement
Project office Negotiation
Projects context Quality
Business case Health & Safety & Environment
Project Management Plan Change Control
Organisation Structure Configuration Management
Teamwork Issue Management
Leadership Governance
Stakeholder Management Communication
Requirements Management Conflict Management
Success and Benefits Project Reviews
Scope Info Management & Reporting
Estimating Handover and Close Out Scheduling


About Ladymead's tutors

One of our key strengths is the high quality of our tutors.

All of tutors hold APM qualifications and have a substantial level of hands on experience at a senior level in project management in addition to their proven expertise in training.

We firmly believe that it is essential that our tutors have a high level of practical experience as well as excellent skills as a trainer and coach.

They are then able to add genuine value to the course by not only helping the delegates to pass their exams but perhaps more importantly to improve their performance at work.