Independent Project Audit

Just as we all accept the need for cars to have an MOT and people to have regular health checks, there is a similar need for projects to undergo independent checks to ensure the project's objectives are realistic and that the people, processes and resources used are appropriate and capable of delivering these objectives.

Ladymead can undertake independent project audits at specific points during the project's life, such as prior to spending a large sum of money or if problems arise.

We design each audit for the specific situation and project and use sophisticated diagnostic tools. Using these tools enables us to go beyond a simple quality assurance audit, which can be worthwhile but be primarily concerned with checking procedural compliance and not wider issues. Our audits delve below the surface to find out what is going on in an independent, open and objective manner. This means that we have a sound basis for any subsequent recommendations we might make.

We will not undertake audits on projects for which we are involved in another capacity as this might give rise to a conflict of interest.

Ladymead can offer auditing and monitoring services for any development you may be undertaking. Please do not heitate to contact us if you feel you could benefit from our comprehensive and detailed approach to diagnostic research.