Independent Project Monitoring

A vital part in the effective management of projects is getting an accurate understanding of how the project is progressing. If you don't monitor how the project is going you will be unable to deal expeditiously with contractual disputes and you might find yourself fire fighting to limit damage. An accurate progress report enables you to compare what is happening with what you had planned.

Whilst those directly involved with the project will have a detailed knowledge of the work, they often find it difficult to 'see the wood from the trees'. Commendable qualities such as drive, energy, refusal to be defeated and 'can do' attitudes combined with over-confidence, fear of upsetting the client, misplaced loyalties and vested interests can result in a report that does not portray an accurate picture of what is happening.

Our independent progress monitoring service will provide you with clear, accurate and unbiased reports to assist you in controlling the project.

In order to establish credibility and maintain an ethical code of conduct we would not wish to work as independent project monitors on a project where we also have a role, which may give rise to a conflict of interest.

Ladymead can offer auditing and monitoring services for any development you may be undertaking. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you could benefit from our comprehensive and detailed approach to diagnostic research.