Project Planning

The need to complete projects on time is a fundamental requirement not only for the client (who needs the facility available to meet urgent commercial, operational or public sector commitments) but also to contractors, consultants and others in the supply chain whose costs and contractual liabilities are tied in with the project's timely completion.

Ladymead provides project-planning services covering all stages of the project life cycle, from initial viability studies through to design, procurement and construction.

Ladymead consultants are experienced in a wide range of building and civil engineering projects under traditional, design and build, management or PFI procurement routes, both in the UK and overseas. Our project planning expertise is available to assist clients who are involved in disputes over extensions of time, delay and disruption and loss and expense.

Ladymead can act as either an independent consultant or as part of the client, consultant, contractor or supply chain team. We are able to come in at any point in your company development and facilitate progress and change as required.

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