Risk Management

All projects and business developments will contain elements that are inherently risky. A project manager must be able to predict and manage risks. In a highly competitive market there is little room for error. The effective management of risk factors is fundamental to the success of any project.

Following a series of damaging commercial disasters, the London Stock Exchange now requires all listed companies to put in place a robust and auditable risk management process. This can be achieved by coordinating appropriate parts of a company and their supply chains.

Are you confident that your orgainsation is able to:

  • Identify potential risks and opportunities?
  • Assess the likelihood of opportunities or risks occurring and their possible impact?
  • Put in place effective measures to eliminate or mitigate risks and exploit opportunities?

  • Ladymead has the expertise to assist you:

  • Develop risk management processes, tools and techniques to suit your organisation
  • Facilitate risk workshops
  • Comply with the London Stock Exchange and the Turnbull Report
  • Develop bespoke training programmes

  • Ladymead can also incorporate value management, value engineering and risk management workshops into your training programme or team building event.

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