Project Management

If any of the following sound familiar, you may need direct 'hands on' assistance to manage your projects successfully:

  • The nature of the project is outside your organisation's normal field of work
  • There has been an unexpected departure of a key member of staff
  • There is a shortage of suitable expertise in-house
  • A valued member of staff needs to free up some of their time. They may have set the ball rolling but are now required elsewhere and you need someone to do the leg work.

  • Your requirements may be short term, to overcome a temporary difficulty, or for the duration of the project. Whatever your requirements, Ladymead has a wealth of experience and knowledge enabling us to be a flexible source of assistance.

    Ladymead can act as your in-house project representative overseeing the project and providing the key interface with your organisation and the project team. Alternatively, Ladymead can support your existing team with additional resources or specialist expertise.

    If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Building and Civil Engineering Contractor
    Building and Civil Engineering Contractor

    Construction Project Management Programme

    Waste-to-Energy Solution Provider
    Waste-to-Energy Solution Provider

    Project Audit and re-programming on a major Waste to Energy Project

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